Good Things


“No matter how many amazing things happen in your life you should always be thankful for it,remain humble,modest, and respectful.”~Zayn Malik

To me I think that this quote means that if something good happens to you, you should not brag in front of others because they might not be as fortunate.



Lessons In Life


“The most valuable lessons in life cannot be taught, they must be experienced.”~Liam Payne

I think this means that some of the most import lessons that you learn during you life, are those that happened from a mistake.


Don’t Judge Others

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“Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly known them. The truth may surprise you.”~Unknown

I think this quote is saying that no matter what you should not judge someone on how they look/act. Because you don’t know what kind life they live.


Everything Happens for a Reason

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“Everything happens for a reason, learn from it and move on. Don’t be bitter about what happened, be happy about what will.”~Zayn Malik  

I think this quote means that bad things are going to happen to your during your life. But you should not be upset about it for long, because something good is going to come after it.